We are Leader Evolve –
Catalyst for Future Proof Leadership


In a paradigm of accelerating change and increasing complexity, we help leaders and organizations to adapt, transform and evolve their business to maximize total value for the whole ecosystem – value for customers, co-workers, partners, society, environment and owners.

We offer development programs and initiatives that build capacity for continuous transformation, that meet the new paradigm and challenge the old, and that help leaders and organization develop future oriented abilities, such as awareness, authenticity, adaptability, system thinking, resilience, creativity and courage.

"A generative organizational culture is the ultimate competitive advantage of the future. It cannot be automated, digitalized or copied"

Carl Lindeborg, founder

Our philosophy

  • The future way of leading and organizing is radically different than the current way
  • Organizations that maximizes total value for the their whole ecosystem and that continuously evolve to meet rapidly changing conditions, will lead into the future
  • It is not about what you know but about how fast you can learn
  • Human beings growing vertically will challenge old paradigms, develop new sense making abilities and grow the vital capacity to lead transformation
  • Nothing new arise without confusion and resistance, and nothing fundamentally change if your organizational culture does not change
  • The more complexity and change you face, the more important is a deeply meaningful purpose, clear values and a culture where everyone has the capacity to lead and to follow
  • The deeper and broader you explore your inner system and your outer world, the wiser you can navigate and the better choices you can make for the whole
  • Curious leaders anchored in awareness, authenticity and courage are the organization’s critical catalysts for evolution, and hence long-term success

Through deep knowledge and exerience Leader Evolve helped us define our own way forward, as catalyst to our process.

Helena Hessle, CEO Zozium

Our offering

Leader Evolve work with a limited number of future oriented client organizations, our Evolution Partners. We offer tailored support and initiatives to grow and evolve leadership and culture over time, building adaptive muscles and the ability to maximize total value for the organization’s eco system.

For individual leaders we offer a number of development programs selected and design to build future proof leadership capacity.


Our Focus Programs
1-3 days


Our Transformative Journeys
13-16 days

Our programs are usually in Swedish. If you don’t speak Swedish and are interested in a certain program, please get in touch. Would you like to know more? We would love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

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